Developer Discussion ForumΒΆ

Discussion on developing GROMACS and related software are hosted at the GROMACS forum. Under the category Developer discussion you can discuss ideas and intentions related to the development of GROMACS.

  • Do not post any questions about using the GROMACS application or performing simulations to this category. See User discussions category for that. The developers discussion is only for question related to software development related to GROMACS (such as contributing to GROMACS or using GROMACS as a library).

  • Subscribe to GROMACS forum, and change your account preference by clicking your name at the top-right side. It is important that you subscribe with your mail address exactly as it appears in the headers of the mails you send if you want to use the forum in mailing-list mode, otherwise your posts will be rejected!

  • You can then send a request to join the GROMACS developers group to be able to post your discussion topics.

  • Include large attachements as links for download.

  • Browse previous messages through the Developer discussion forum. You can also browse the old mailing-list gmx-developers Archives page for messages before 20 October 2022.

  • Note that in one thing the forum differs from the mailing list: post editing is allowed in the forum.