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    (Upcoming) Version 5.0 of GROMACS has changed some of the analysis tools significantly. In the process, some old analysis tools have been removed in favor of more powerful functionality that is available through an alternative tool. This page documents how to perform different tasks that were possible with the old tools with the new set of tools.


    One fundamental change in the organization of the tools is that all tools (and other GROMACS executables as well) are now part of a single gmx binary. They can be run as, e.g., gmx distance <options>, and help can be requested as gmx help distance or gmx distance -h. gmx help produces a list of all available commands. For backwards compatibility, symbolic links are still created by default for old tools: e.g., g_order <options> is equivalent to gmx order <options>, and g_order is simply a symbolic link on the file system.


    This tool has been removed in 5.0. A replacement is gmx distance.

    You can provide your existing index file to gmx distance, and it will calculate the same distances. The only difference is that -blen and -tol options have different default values, and that you can control the output histogram with -binw. -aver and -averdist options are not present. Instead, you can choose between the different things to calculate using -oav (corresponds to -d with -averdist), -oall (corresponds to -d without -averdist), -oh (corresponds to -o with -aver), and -oallstat (corresponds to -l without -aver). You can produce any combination of output files. Compared to g_bond, gmx distance -oall is currently missing labels for the output columns.


    This tool has been removed in 5.0. A replacement is gmx distance (for most options) or gmx select (for -dist or -lt).

    If you had index groups A and B in index.ndx for g_dist, you can use the following command to compute the same distance with gmx distance:

    gmx distance -n index.ndx -select 'com of group "A" plus com of group "B"' -oxyz -oall

    The -intra switch is replaced with -nopbc.

    If you used -dist D, you can do the same calculation with gmx select:

    gmx select -n index.ndx -select 'group "B" and within D of com of group "A"' -on/-oi/-os/-olt

    You can select the output option that best suits your post-processing needs (-olt is a replacement for g_dist -dist -lt)


    This tool has been removed in 5.0. A replacement is gmx gangle.

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