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    To facilitate the communication between users and developers of GROMACS we have created three different e-mail lists that you can subscribe to. The lists are also archived on this web site, so you can browse previous messages for a solution to your question or problem.

    We strongly request you to post any questions to the appropriate e-mail list instead of mailing the developers directly! We do not have time for personal guidance for all users. Please refrain from mailing the developers unless your question is directly related to our published research. In addition when you use the mailing lists, more people will read your message and help you solve the problem faster, and the next time someone encounters the same situation they will be helped by the archived discussion!

    The three mailing lists (see the menu items on the left) have slightly different purposes, and you might not be interested in subscribing to all of them:

    • gmx-announce has extremely low traffic and will only contain information from the GROMACS crew. Users can not post to this list, but we strongly recommend everyone to subscribe to it, so you get notice about new versions and severe bugs.
    • gmx-users is the normal discussion forum for installation, usage and all other questions not related to development. .
    • gmx-developers is the place for developers. Post all your questions, suggestions and code impromevents here!
    • gmx-revision is a private list for the developers where information about changes to the code are stored for use in creating lists of additions and bug fixes upon releasing new versions.
    • eden-users is the discussion forum for installation, usage and all other questions related to the EDEN crystallography software.

    If you haven't subscribed to the list before it might be a good idea to


    the mailing list archives before posting a new question!

    Important information

    To avoid spam and other commercial postings, the mailing list software checks your return address and only accepts postings from subscribed members. For this to work, it is important that you subscribe with your mail address exactly as it appears in the headers of the mails you send. If you don't, you will get a message about only subscribed members being allowed to post.

    If you don't like to have your mailbox flooded with messages you can choose a digest alternative and only get one larger mail per day. Please don't include the entire digest if you reply!
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