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    GROMACS was first developed in Herman Berendsen's group, department of Biophysical Chemistry of Groningen University, and now lead in Stockholm from the Science for Life Laboratory. It is a team effort with contributions from several current and former developers all over world!

    Want to contribute to this Open Source community? You are super welcome! GROMACS is a very large project and some more help never hurts! Whether you're a beginner or an expert software developer, we can fix you! Just drop an email to anyone of us with your ideas/intentions and we'll get back to you :-)

    Excited about any of our interests in the project ideas page?  We will be enthusiast to consider your contributions and let you reach your best!

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    Head authors & project leaders

    • Erik Lindahl (Science For Life Laboratory, Stockholm University and KTH, Stockholm, SE)
    • David van der Spoel (Biomedical Centre, Uppsala, SE)
    • Berk Hess (Science for Life Laboratory and KTH, Stockholm, SE)

    Development manager

    • Mark Abraham (Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm, SE)

    Current core developers

    • Peter Kasson (University of Virginia, US and Uppsala University, SE)
    • Teemu Murtola
    • Szilárd Páll (Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm, SE)
    • Roland Schulz (Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, US)
    • Michael Shirts (University of Colorado, US)


    Former developers

    • Emile Apol
    • Henk Bekker
    • Herman Berendsen
    • Pär Bjelkmar
    • Aldert van Buuren
    • Rudi van Drunen
    • Anton Feenstra
    • Sebastian Fritsch (MPI for Polymer Research, Mainz, DE)
    • Gerrit Groenhof (Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Göttingen, DE)
    • Bert de Groot
    • Anca Hamuraru (StreamComputing)
    • Vincent Hindiksen (StreamComputing)
    • Dmitrios Karkoulis (StreamComputing)
    • Christoph Junghans (Los Alamos National Lab, NM, US)
    • Per Larsson
    • Pieter Meulenhoff
    • Sander Pronk (Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm, SE)
    • Alfons Sijbers
    • Peter Tieleman
    • Teemu Virolainen (StreamComputing)
    • Christian Wennberg (Science for Life Laboratory, Stockholm, SE)
    • Maarten Wolf (MPI Göttingen, DE)
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