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    (If you have a request for implementation of a smaller features, e.g. add an extra option to a tool for custom output, please file an issue with

    Future ProjectsEdit section

    Here you can find a number of projects that we would like to do in the future and are looking for volunteers to work on. 

    Since the projects here are new algorithms and extensions to the current code they have to be based on the latest git code. If you are interested in helping out, please send email to the gmx-developers mailing list and note your interest. It is a good idea to thoroughly discuss things with other developers before starting to code. An estimate of the amount of time for each project is given for an experienced C/C++ developer with existing knowledge of that area of GROMACS. To make the deal somewhat sweeter, some of these projects may be publishable if completed successfully, and one or more of the core developers will probably be interested to make that happen.

    A number of "other projects" do not require C-programming, but they do require thorough GROMACS and/or other specialist knowledge.


    Item Target Version Description Time Estimate Status
    Comments in code 5.x Restructuring the comments in the code using the system. Boring but very useful. Likely to take place during porting to C++ 1 month Ongoing
    Code and data restructuring 5.0 Make all code more modular and the data more structured months? Planned
    Fast multipole 5.x Implementation of a parallel Fast Multipole solver for computing electrostatic interactions into GROMACS. 6 weeks TBD
    Monte Carlo 5.0 Implement a Monte Carlo integrator. There are more ambitious plans envisaged for 5.0 - see 3 months Planning
    Docking 5.x Implement a docking engine 2 months TBD
    Interactive Molecular Dynamics 5.x Implement the IMD protocol into Gromacs. ? Assigned
    Position Restraints Development 5.x Implement new position restraint algorithms 2 weeks TBD
    PME-vdW 5.0 Implement the PME algorithm for long-range vdW interactions 1 month In progress
    AdResS 4.6 Implement the adaptive resolution scheme 6 months Done
    Edit traj 5.x Merging trjconv, trjcat and trjorder into one program. The combined program will be rather complicated and it would be good to make the code a whole lot more modular 2 weeks TBD
    GUI-devel 5.x Extend/implement (part of) a graphical user interface (GUI) for GROMACS 2-6 months TBD
    Genvsites 4.x Write a program that generates virtual sites based on a topology (.top) file and writes another topology 4 weeks Done
    XML-devel 5.x Implementation of the XML specification 2 months Assigned
    Topology Generation 5.x Extension of the x2top program for different force fields, mainly non-programming chores 1 month Assigned
    Topology Handling 5.x Modification of the GROMACS topology/coordinate file handling/atom numbering so that distance/angle/dihedral restraints can be used between "molecules" (in the topology sense); currently they can only be used between atoms within the same "molecule" (although not all components of the "molecule" need to be connected) ? Assigned
    MDP Chaining 5.x Make it possible to have a few mdp files that are run sequentially on the same topology, e.g. to allow a complete E.M., P.R., M.D. protocol in a single simulation. Obviously this can be scripted as well, but that gives quite a mess of files. ? TBD
    Modularize pdb2gmx 5.x Divide pdb2gmx into a set of routines that perform the separate functionality. 2 weeks TBD
    Raw matrix data output 5.x Allow output of raw data from analysis tools, rather than xpm files 1 day TBD
    Support for GNUplot 5.x Allow output of results to GNUplot rather than xmgrace (or data without formatting at all). This includes checking analysis programs that may write xmgrace style command straight to a file 2 days TBD
    Multi I/O 5.x Porting the routines that give trjcat and eneconv the possibility to read in many files (e.g. trjcat -f *.xtc -o out.xtc) to all analysis routines 2 weeks TBD
    Analysis Library 5.0 Modularizing the analysis tools such that one can e.g. compute a radial distribution function for a given set of coordinates. This means separating core of the analysis tools from the main function 1 month In progress
    Analysis Embedding 5.x Following the previous project: make the analysis library a true callable library for interfacing with scripting languages such as Perl and Python 1 month TBD
    Dynamic Indices 4.5 Replacing index files by make_ndx queries that are executed for each new coordinate set 1 month Done
    DSSP 5.x Implement a native DSSP algorithm (secondary structure calculation) 2 weeks TBD
        OTHER PROJECTS    
    GUI 5.x Investigate status of different GUI projects for GROMACS and report to the wiki 2 weeks TBD
    XML-spec 5.x Development of an XML specification for the description of molecules and input for computer simulations 1-2 months TBD
    Test-set 4.6 Development of a more rigorous test set, for mdrun and all other programs. 4 weeks In progress
    Tutorial writing Any Writing new tutorials about different topics, plus subsequent maintenance 1 week TBD
    Wiki FAQ Any Add more FAQs, plus subsequent maintenance 1 week TBD
    Teaching material Any Work on material for teaching MD at different levels of sophistication weeks to months TBD

    Wish list

    Edit section

    • Ability to supply a .ndx group of arbitrary size to pull_pbcatom0. When more than one atom is included in this group, each atom in the group is used in turn to create the image of pull_group0 and is assigned a "score" = sum of distances to other atoms in the group. The atom with the lowest "score" is used as pull_pbcatom0 for that integration step. This will allow smaller box sizes when pull_group0 represents something dynamic like a detergent micelle where even the distal carbon of the acyl-chain may spend a non-zero time on the surface of the semi-spherical micelle (far from the center). Since this may affect performance, one might also add new .mdp option pull_pbcatom_selection_frequency that controls how often (in integration steps) this test is performed. Note that even if the performance cost is 5-10%, this will be greatly overwhelmed by the time savings due to the ability to use a smaller unit cell.


    • Alternative option that may have better performance: Addition of a new mdp option pull_pbcatom_two_iterations that, when selected, has the following behaviour. The first iteration is exactly the same as the current implementation. However, after each atom of the pull_group0 has been put in its proper image, the geometrical center of mass of that group is determined (no additional pbc here) and used as the central point for one more round of pbc_group0 atom placement. In cases where only a few atoms were placed in an undesired image during the first round, this procedure should correct that.
    • Two new .mdp options: 1) "nstfrcout" that defines the number of steps between outputting selected forces to a special file = "traj.frc". and 2) "force_grps" that controls output selection to the new file = "traj.frc". Note: This is intended to have no effect on nstfout.
    • The ability to make more than one .xtc file with different output selections nstxtcout, xtc_grps, xtc_precision, is desirable for example when one wants to save a small group of selected coordinates every step for processing and the entire coordinates once and a while for later system analysis.
    • Adding -nopbc option to g_dist and g_mindist.
    • The ability to read in multiple .ppa files, for example to allow one pull-code implementation of an umbrella in absolute coordinates and one relative to a reference group, or one umbrella and one constraint and one afm, etc.
    • Since the pull code is now integrated into the mdp file in gromacs 4, this request now has a different format, but the functionality requested remains the same.
    • Adding "-dt" flag to gmxdump which reports the time step of a trajectory and exits immediately. Very useful!
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